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Welcome to the website of the East Coast Evangelism Conference! This is our second year, and we would like to provide a little information about the purpose of ECEC and how we are bringing quality evangelism training to the east coast and beyond

Positive Influence

The East Coast Evangelism Conference exists to positively affect the population of heaven.

God's Glory

We wish for there to be more people in heaven throughout eternity directly because of the influence of the teaching and training received at ECEC.



Winning one soul for Jesus Christ is worth more than being famous and pleasing a sinful world.

James C. Uwandu



Cross Fit – ECEC Theme 2017

Philippians 1:27 tells us to conduct ourselves "in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ." What a high calling! What does it mean to live a life worthy of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ? How can I share this great Gospel with those I'm around every day. How can I be fit (worthy of) for the cross? Join us for the 2017 East Coast Evangelism Conference November 3rd-5th at the Charlotte Avenue Church of Christ in Rock Hill,SC as we strive to be "Cross-Fit."

ECEC is a unique event for teens and adults where you will be trained to positively affect the population of heaven. Join us for times of deep devotion in song and study, practical and scriptural studies about important evangelistic and faith-building topics, and four hands on labs where you'll be able to put your training into practice and learn from success and failure. All of this will serve to help make you a better soul winner in God's Kingdom.

ECEC is an absolutely FREE event where food, fun, fellowship, housing, t-shirts, and lessons are all included! Register now!



Bad Evangelism Says:
I’m right, you’re wrong, and I’d love to tell you about it

Timothy Keller


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  • Pray for courage to talk to your friends about God. #362evangelism
    ECEC about 976 days ago
  • How can we talk about anything BUT God with our friends? Change that today. Talk to your friend about God today. #362evangelism
    ECEC about 984 days ago
  • Do you know anyone who is neglected? Show love. Talk to them. Evangelism begins with relationships. #362evangelism
    ECEC about 985 days ago
  • You may think evangelism is hard. Try this. Start with the friend next to you at lunch or maybe a co-worker. #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1003 days ago
  • Talk to a friend about what you studied in Bible class last night! You never know where it might take you! #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1010 days ago
  • Church evangelism should be personal, intentional, organized, and purposeful. #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1013 days ago
  • Are u not evangelizing out of fears of rejection, persecution, & not knowing everything or are u just looking for excuses? #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1016 days ago
  • Evangelism is about one beggar telling another beggar where he found food. #362evangelism.
    ECEC about 1017 days ago
  • Tell someone how a life in God has changed you for the better. Let them know what God has done for you! #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1018 days ago
  • Are you teaching the truth in love or are you driving people away? #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1018 days ago
  • Next time you go out to eat leave a note/card inviting them to church. #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1033 days ago
  • While the whole nation is focused on Christmas, use that as a discussion starter. Talk to a friend about Jesus. #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1038 days ago
  • In order to live like Christ you have to know Christ. Do you know Christ. Do you know God’s Word? #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1039 days ago
  • As Christmas starts to get closer, use this opportunity to tell someone about Jesus. #362evangellism.
    ECEC about 1041 days ago
  • How awesome would it be if every Christian brought 1 person to Christ this year and we doubled in number? It starts with you! #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1060 days ago
  • Plan on ways you can help someone else enjoy the holiday season. Show them love. Show them Christ. #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1062 days ago
  • Proverbs 21:5-"The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage..." What are you diligently planning and working on to save another soul?
    ECEC about 1066 days ago
  • Today is day 1 of #362evangelism... What will you do today to positively affect the population of heaven? #ecec
    ECEC about 1076 days ago
  • What are you doing to put God first in your life? Can your friends see that? #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1096 days ago
  • Do you love God so much that you can't but tell everyone what he's done in your life! #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1103 days ago
  • If u had the cure 4 cancer would u hide the cure? We have the cure that can save souls. Why do we keep that 2 ourselves? #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1104 days ago
  • Be strong and courageous. Talk to your friends about God. #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1108 days ago
  • Discipleship requires both following and leading. FOLLOW Christ and LEAD others to Him. #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1110 days ago
  • If today was your friends last day how hard would you try to evangelize to him/her? Tomorrow is not promised! #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1111 days ago
  • Register 4 ECEC & get this awesome T-Shirt. Evangelism is key to being a true disciple. #362evangelism http://t.co/GzAB6GlkJG
    ECEC about 1115 days ago
  • If you deny Jesus before men, Jesus will deny you before the Father. Proudly proclaim your love for The Savior. #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1117 days ago
  • Have you forgotten your list of people you made almost a year ago? Have you tried sharing the gospel with them? #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1117 days ago
  • Don't give your friends reason to call you a hypocrite. Live out Christ. Your effectiveness depends on it. #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1119 days ago
  • Invite a friend to church tomorrow! #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1120 days ago
  • Are you the aroma of Christ or do you just stink? 2 Corinthians 2:15 #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1121 days ago
  • Do something unexpected for Christ. #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1122 days ago
  • Do you love your friends enough to share the truth with them? #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1123 days ago
  • Read & consider Acts 8:8. Does your church bring much joy to your city? Would the city notice if your church disappeared? #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1127 days ago
  • You're on heaven's most wanted list! #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1128 days ago
  • Is your room booked? John 14:2 #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1129 days ago
  • Is it cold in here or is it just your faith? #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1130 days ago
  • What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift back to God. #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1131 days ago
  • If Christianity were a movie, would yours be a romance, a comedy, or a horror? #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1132 days ago
  • If Christianity were an internet browser, would yours be Chrome, Safari, or Explorer? #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1133 days ago
  • If Christianity were a plan, would yours be jet, prop, or paper? #362evangelism
    ECEC about 1134 days ago

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